Ways to make this a Green New Year’s Eve

Every year, there are millions of people who attend New Year’s bashes thrown all around the world. Some go to outdoor events while some prefer ringing in the New Year cosy at their home with their friends and a few loved ones. What many people forget however is that they have a responsibility towards Mother Nature too at all times. Most such organized events are not eco-friendly. There are however ways in which you could make them so.


New Year parties in Delhi are famous throughout the country for the fun and excitement they generate. People talk about the parties for many months to come and eagerly look forward to the next one as soon as one is over! Here are some ways to make them green-worthy too this year:

  1. Car-pool – When you and a bunch of your friends or family members intend to go to the same venue, why not travel to and from the venue in the same vehicle? If there will a large number of people who will be travelling, hire a larger vehicle so that there is less wastage of fossil fuel and emission of polluting gases.
  2. Noise Pollution – One of the biggest side effects of large evens, especially the ones carried out in open spaces, is that music is played really, really loud for a long time! While it may be all fun for those parting, it may be a severe inconvenience to many others, and the animals and birds which love nearby. Not to mention the high level of noise pollution whose brunt Nature needs to bear. Opt for slightly lower volumes; with great company, food, and drinks, the toned-down music will not dampen the spirits and you can have complete fun nonetheless!
  3. Food and drinks – It’s not just New Year bashes; there is a large amount of food and drinks that are wasted all over the world at several functions organised for different reasons. Two things that can be done to deal with wastage is to order only that much food or drinks as will be required instead of order a very large quantity. The second thing that can be done is to carefully and hygienically store the leftovers so that they can be distributed to the needy people.
  4. Natural lighting – There are several options that you can choose from when it comes to lighting. You could go for options such as re-usable glass or paper lanterns, fat long-lasting candles, or floating candles if you have a water-based party. In this way, you are using lesser electricity and you are setting a great mood, especially if you are partying with a few intimate friends.
  5. Clothes – There is an alarming amount of wastage reported of clothes. People keep buying clothes but often do so although they don’t have any need for it. Many old clothes are lying uselessly at home, and many others are sent to the dump yard. This year, try and create funky outfit using style such as mix-n-match with the things you have at home rather than buying costly and new clothes.

A New Year’s party celebrated with conscious green efforts will hopefully set the tone for many of us to follow the same practices throughout the year and our lives too!

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