Things to Consider When Bride’s Go Mangalsutra Shopping

Tying mangalsutra is a very sacred custom in Hindu marriages. Mangalsutra chain includes gold and black beads along with diamond or gold pendant. It is tied around the bride’s neck by the groom and is a symbol of being married. Word Mangalsutra can be described as ‘sacred thread’ [Mangal = auspicious and Sutra = thread].

Basically, prior the wedding ceremony the bride is included in the selection process by the groom’s family. Make sure to get familiar with your cultural requirements for mangalsutra. There are many things to consider before you go mangalsutra shopping.

Determine a budget

Basically, anyone can get swayed with all the options shown at the shop. You may like a design that costs more but with rough idea of your desires and budget prior visiting the jewellery store can stop you from getting carried away.

Choose a length

Today, girls like to wear plain chain because the black beaded chain will not match their daily outfits. They can opt for gold daily wear chain, which is simple but glamorous. Even appropriate length selection makes a difference. For example, regular use means keep it short.  The common black beads chain length chosen by the bride is 16” but ultimately it is her preference. She can even opt for lengths 18”, 24” or 36”.

Pendant size

Girls with an aim to wear the mangalsutra daily can opt for a small pendant because maintain it will be less tedious. In case, you plan to wear it occasionally then choose an outstanding design.

Just like black beads pendant is also not compulsory but is an element, which adds uniqueness to the mangalsutra design. Pendants are made from 14K to 18K gold, especially if they are studded with gemstones and diamonds. A simple 24K gold pendant can also look elegant.

No. of strings

How thick mangalsutra strings you wish to have. One aspect to remember is that the thread needs to be sturdy. More strings mean more weight. Recognize the thickness that suits your neckline and even your budget.

Yellow or white Gold

Handmade gold chains with black beads are made from 22 karat yellow or white gold. The fact is that soft gold properly sits around your neck. No one desires gold chain that looks rigid and shabby.

Make it detachable

Detachable strings of the mangalsutra allows you to change pendants. Even the pendant can be worn with other chains.

Make a set

You can even get matching earrings and bangles designed as a set even though it is a symbol of your marriage.

Check for hallmark

Avoid jewellery, which is not carrying a hallmark symbol. Investing in hall mark jewellery means better return on investment when you re-design or sell it.

If you plan to buy chain online then know their return policy because you don’t desire to be stuck with something you bought and will not enjoy it your whole life. Even check for warranty because a poorly designed mangalsutra chain can break or the diamonds can go missing or the prong get broken. If you choose a diamond pendant of .5 carat then ask about diamond certification.

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