Ten Convincing Reasons to Visit Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Among the oldest heritage sites, Ajanta and Ellora caves are very famous ones. These caves mark the beginning of classical Indian art filled era.

Ajanta Ellora Cave

These are one of the most interesting and beautiful caves in the country. It is obvious that these are not enough to make you visit a few caves. Thus, this article will talk in detail about ten reasons to why you should visit Ajanta and Ellora Caves.

  1. These caves were built by Buddhist monks when they couldn’t travel outside due to rain in monsoon season. Thus, you can find a lot of stunning painting, sculptures, Buddhist mounts, massive pillars and even the tools that Buddhist monks used to carve these beautiful art forms from the caves.
  2. These caves were lost for several centuries till a British explorer accidentally found an interesting piece of art in the area and the entrance of the caves. It picked up fame immediately and it was one of the interesting tourist spots for British in India before independence.
  3. There are more than 30 caves and 20 cave temples built during different centuries. There are many temples that resemble today’s monasteries. The main reason for building these temples was zeal of Buddhist monks who want something to continue to spread faith after death of Buddha. There is a Buddha statue in the entrance of the cave which was built just 600 years ago but, the rest of the cave was carved 2000 years ago.
  4. It is an important Buddhist pilgrim spot in India. You have to visit this lost treasure of India if you love art and architecture.
  5. You can find paintings that explain many Jataka tales, life of Buddha and scenes from royal court. Not just pilgrim painting; you can find carving of princesses, maids, dancing girls, lovers and others. The most famous ones are the golden geese, bull fights and pink elephants.
  6. Do you love photography? This is the right place for taking some architectural and still life photography. The place has a stunning view no matter when you visit them.
  7. Peace and silence are like blessing here. You can hear sounds of water flowing through the rocks when you are in the heart of the cave. The place would be so exquisite that you would never want to leave that silence.
  8. There used to be a city under the cave according to many archaeologists. Many explorers have scaled the cave to find any evidence for the same. If you are ready for some adventure and exploration, this would be the right spot.
  9. Come and visit the caves to know what human were able to build in an era when machines and computerized tools weren’t even in imagination. These caves stand as a symbol of ancient human’s power and imagination.
  10. Peace is guaranteed; but, the place also gives a spooky feel. This is one of the reasons to why many youngsters visit the caves during evenings. Are you ready for the thrill?

These are just ten out of numerous compelling reasons to visit this place. This place is very far from normal city life and you cannot find any other tourist attractions nearby. Still, millions of tourists take 5 Days Ajanta and Ellora Caves Tour and visit this place every year. This stands as a proof to the fame of this place.

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