5 Helpful Tips For Better Music Listening

5 Helpful Tips For Better Music Listening

We all have the capacity to enjoy music. Some of us feel a swell of undeniable joy when listening to Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ or Holst’s ‘Jupiter’. It is said that the latter caused listeners to spontaneously start dancing in the aisles when it was played. Others like to have a head-banging ball with heavy metal, jump and jive to the hopping strains of Bennie Goodman, get funky with disco ditties, or zone out with some acid jazz. There are so many different types of music that anyone can find something that speaks to them. But you might not realize that you’re listening to it all wrong. There could be a better way. Here are a few helpful tips for better music listening.

5 Helpful Tips For Better Music Listening

  1. Carefully cultivate music files. The best sound quality starts with the highest quality files, meaning those that haven’t been compressed, converted, or otherwise degraded through digital processing. So you’ll want to be careful about where you download your files. The best quality is going to come from licensed purveyors of studio masters. Although you can definitely save some dough by downloading music files from “sharing” sites (i.e. pirated music), you’re not only committing a crime by doing so, you’re also likely to get poor sound quality as a result. You get what you pay for.
  2. Comparison shop for speakers. No matter how good the quality of your music files is, your tracks could still sound tinny, garbled, or touched with static if you’re playing them through subpar speakers. Rather than buying the cheapest set you can find, or alternately, splurging on the most popular speakers just because everyone else has them, take the time to shop around. Read consumer reviews before shopping to narrow down your options. Then take the time to listen to several sound systems to select the speakers that deliver the best sound quality. Don’t forget to purchase appropriate accessories, including premium speaker cable.
  3. Up your EQ IQ. With high-quality music files and fantastic speakers on which to play them, the next step is to fiddle with the equalizer settings on your tuner in order to achieve the best possible sound quality. Some stereo systems have a variety of presets already dialed in that allow you to enjoy the sound of everything from a stadium to a padded room. But instead of relying on these for optimal listening pleasure, mess around with equalizer settings to find the balance that makes your favorite genre or artist sound supreme.
  4. Cut out distractions. Listening to music can be an immersive experience, provided you aren’t distracted by other sounds in your environment. While you could soundproof a music room in order to get rid of traffic noise or someone watching TV in the next room, a simpler and cheaper solution is to splurge a bit on noise-cancelling headphones.
  5. Protect your ears. You may want to listen to music at 11, but exceeding a certain decibel level could actually damage your eardrums. If you want to enjoy better music listening for life, consider popping in your DownBeats ear plugs when you go to concerts and keep your music below 85 decibels – at this level or higher you can cause permanent damage to hearing. You can use a mobile app like dB Volume Meter (Apple) or deciBel (Android) to measure with your smartphone or tablet.
Fashion Hacks For Middle Aged Ladies

Fashion Hacks For Middle Aged Ladies

Every woman loves when she look good and stylish. But with growing age it becomes important to know how to look good in whatever you wear. With the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you cannot just give away your glorious look. Justfab has huge collection of clothes that can suit your look in every age. Here are some tips you need to check out.

Fashion Hacks For Middle Aged Ladies

1. Replace Jeans with Trousers

This is a time when you need to replace your jeans with nice pair of trousers. A tailored and sleek pant looks extremely classy as well as stylish. Make sure these are well fitted and not skinny. You can try different materials such as lace or velvet for your trousers.

2. Choose the Monochromatic Look

You can select bright colors, but make sure these are monochromatic. To look stylish at your age choose perfect monochrome look that can suit your body. You can try formal blazer with pencil skirt. For colors, pick emerald green or mustard yellow.

3. Use Belts

Belts can improve your look. For perfect look you can try sleek belt with skirt or trouser. Since middle aged ladies feel comfortable in loose fitted tops or tunics, you can wear them with slim belt to highlight your hip.

4. Try Bold Prints and Simple Cuts

Simple cut tops and blouses are best for middle aged ladies because extra ruffles tend to make them heavier, which is not good. Flower prints and polka dots will look amazing on them. However, to be on the safe side, go for trial and error method to find which print suits your body.

5. Concentrate on Little Detailing

There’s no need for everyone to know that you are wearing same top or blouse again and again. You can add some details to give yourself a new look. Experiment with different collars, sleeve details, pleats and more. This will help you stay stylish, well within your comfort zone.

6. Wear Proper Shoes

Choosing right shoes is another important tip you cannot miss. Since your look is very simple, you can include statement shoes to highlight yourself. Colorful pumps and wedges look absolutely stylish. You can read justfab.com reviews to know more about shoe styling methods.

7. Opt for Right Accessories

Make sure you choose at least one or two accessories but don’t overdo it. Some best options are pearls, diamonds, precious stone, gold and more but you need to take care that your accessories blends well with your outfits.

8. Maintain the Right Structure

It is impossible to hide each body flaw you have, so never try to hide them by wearing ill fitted clothes. On the other hand proper fitted clothes will help you look smart and confident. Choose high waist pants and flattering shirt to get good and well dressed look.

9. The Dress Style

Some middle aged ladies do not prefer to wear dresses after reaching 40. But this doesn’t mean you cannot wear dresses. All you need to know, the science of right dressing. Choose dresses that go just above the knee, but doesn’t show off too much skin. You can also opt for wider skirts.

10. Follow the Right Trend

Following right trend is also important. Make sure you know all latest styles that can work for all women. Choose blazers in jersey materials available in pastel shades. You can also opt for tailor made pants and dresses.

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