How to write a compelling thesis introduction in 5 easy steps


Any thesis must have an introduction. And a good one for that matter. Why so? Apart from being a standard requirement, any writing whether it is an essay or article needs to have an introduction. This is meant to grab the attention of the readers as soon as they start reading your writing. Without a compelling introduction, it is unlikely to get your readers hooked let alone want to continue reading the piece.

If you want your thesis to stand out to readers, you need to start with a strong introduction. Here are 5 easy steps to help you do it.

  1. Don’t ignore the preparation process

The preparation process for any writing takes the most time than the actual writing. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned writer or it is your fist time, you need to undergo the prewriting process to ensure that your writing presents a logical flow ideas that are reasonable, substantial and that the format and structure are well presented.

Well, pre-writing begins with research. Actually, it’s all about extensive research. In simple terms, you need to conduct a thorough and proper research on possible ideas. After you have done enough research, come up with the general thesis, outline, and then the drafts.

As you continue reading below, you will realize that youcannot write an introduction without a thesis nor can you write it without knowing where your reportwill go after your thesis. What should you do then? Let the introduction be the last thing you write.

  1. Your thesis is the backbone of your writing

Well, simplyput the introductory part of your thesis is meant to introduce the thesis itself. Therefore, as you work on the paper, ensure that your entire introduction builds up to your thesis.

Moreover, irrespective of what your thesis is, the introduction must present a problem and then the thesis should solve it. Thisis explained below.

  1. Present a problem and then solve it with your thesis

For instance, if you are writing about something that you have invented and want to sell, your thesis should then explain why your invention is better that the already existing ones. Your introduction, on the other hand, should begin by stating that there is a problem with the existing inventions.

So your first sentence should present the problem while the next few sentences should guide the reader in solving the problem.

  1. Give your readers a reason to read the rest of the report

Now, some writing philosophies state that you tell the readers what your report is about before you get to the thesis. But well, I don’t find this interesting. Why not give the thesis and then tell them more about the report?

Using the new invention example again, after stating the thesis, you could go on to tell the reader how you will prove that your invention is the best in a second introductory paragraph.

In conclusion,

A well-written introduction will propel your reader into the rest of your thesis paper.  No matter how relevant the information in your paperis, it won’t matter very much if no one reads it!  So do your writing a favor:  follow the given steps above and write a clear, compelling introduction toyour thesis.

If you experience any problems with writing an introduction for your thesis or any other problems in the process of writing the paper, don’t hesitate to seek thesis helpers online to help you write the paper.


Buying Printing Catridge


Printers are becoming a day-to-day utility merchandise, so, these days you find them from schools to resorts and restaurants, houses, offices and a lot of other areas. Both requisites to get a printer to work correctly are ink and electricity cartridges. Printers don’t operate in the lack of both of those. There exists a higher chance the ink may dry out which then results in the printer malfunction should you not make use of the printer to get a lengthy interval.

Printer cartridges are a vital piece of gear in this technical age. Nevertheless, quality and costs vary tremendously, with it being confusing to know what to select. The grade of printer cartridges has an enormous impact on the general standard of your work, particularly when photos or photos are called for.
There are two primary kinds of inkjet printers, piezoelectric and thermal. Manufacturing companies including HP, Lexmark and Canon are thermal sorts, where a tiny current happens vaporizing the ink right into a bubble in the nozzle that is subsequently forced out and so warming it.
In contrast, Epson cartridges make use of a piezoelectric crystal as an alternative to a heading component.

After picking the producer when picking your cartridge, the following concern is the fact that of using first or compatible printer cartridges. The cartridges from your producers are usually of a greater quality and cost. On the flip side, the cartridge is guaranteed to get a continuous stream of ink and to function efficiently, whilst the lower quality bits frequently have ink ejection that will be spotty, inducing the printer. There’s the danger that the printer wills seriously impact and cause irreversible damage.
Toner cartridges or printer ink cartridges are among the very frequent things of the office fixed but they may be also among the very expensive items. Whether you’ve a laser printer or ink jet printer, the cartridges you need regularly gives a run on your cash to you. The alternative of course, will be to choose printer cartridges that are low-cost, but you likely understand that, the grade of cartridges that are cheap is depressing. Poor print quality as well as colour range are a number of the very often encountered difficulties related to the usage of cartridges that are low-priced. It’s vital that you reach a balance involving cost and the standard colour range is precise and so the printing quality is great and yet you’re not paying more as opposed to cash that is necessary. As you’d have anticipated them affordable cartridges don’t continue. You would possibly consider buying cartridges that are discounted from known brands for example Xerox, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Dell and HP.
Although, local computer shop that is fixed might have various sorts of cartridge that fits almost any printer, nonetheless, buying them online is always an improved alternative. Generally, web costs are less than any shop that is offline. Yet, something which you need certainly to ensure is the cartridge you are purchasing is compatible along with your printer. What cost you pay for all these cartridges, the outcomes should signify just what you needs to be clear and see on your own computer screens. You need to browse somewhat more to discover the least expensive prices available as you can find lots of computer fixed providers online. You can find it in volume in case you are a person who wants printer ink cartridges frequently. The first price stays higher although this can be a simple approach to conserve your cash.

cropped view of man in car dealership giving car keys to client

Benefits and Reasons to Hire a Car from a Rental Company

cropped view of man in car dealership giving car keys to client
cropped view of man in car dealership giving car keys to client

These days, you can get everything on a rental bases easily and rent a car is one of a great examples. Going on a trip will certainly become a necessity to hire a car for travelling from authentic rental stores. Hiring a car is simply convenient in many ways and also, it becomes a reason to hire for those who don’t own one, so they definitely need one on any purposeful occasion.

Getting a rental car is not at all a hectic thing as there are many companies dealing in rental car business and exotic car rental Los Angeles is one of the examples from where you can hire any type of car. You can book luxury cars as well for some special occasions, in order to get a great experience of riding luxurious cars like Lamborghini and other elite cars.

There are various benefits and reasons for hiring a car from any rental store or online companies dealing in the rental cars:

  1. Availability:

The benefit to rent a car is its availability whenever you required especially in case of urgency or emergency. Although, hiring on immediate basis will definitely be expensive. Hence, booking it in advance is quite better and more beneficial as you can get more variety and options in types of cars available as well as prices will be much lesser and cheaper.

2. Accessibility while travelling:

With so many options available on websites to rent a car, it is easy to access and book a car for rent from anywhere and at any time. If you are travelling on a business trip or personal, you probably require one car on rent to travel from one place to another and in such condition easy accessibility will be much beneficial at that time.

3. Comfortable means of transport while travelling out of town:

Renting a car is definitely a comfortable and convenient means when travelling on vacation. You can enjoy easily as you don’t have to rely on public transport like trains or buses. You can take your time on which ever spot you like by stopping the car anywhere you want to. When you travel in your own car, you can enjoy and explore every single destination.

4. Beneficial for photography lovers:

Rent a car and travel around if you are a photography lover. You can go to any place of the country and get great pictures as you can simply stop at any point of time and place.

5. Time saving:

Renting a car is beneficial in saving time too. Travelling by car will definitely take much less time than the public transport.


These are some of the benefits which you get while renting a car. It is always comfortable and safe to travel in a car. With the help of advanced technology, many companies have their applications for android and ios users, which you can download easily and book a car as per your needs.


How to get started while selling your property?

Do you own a house in Bangalore? Do you want to move out of Bangalore? Are you planning to a bigger house in near future in the same city? Are you looking forward to move to a smaller budget house by selling your current house for want of liquidity (of finance)? Reason could be either, but if you are looking for selling your property in Bangalore then here are some tips to guide you for the process.


Assessing your requirement is a pre-requisite. You must devise why you want to sell property? Whether you want to move to a bigger or smaller space or you want some finance? This will help you work out the duration for which you can wait for selling your property. Figuring out duration is essential as property is a fixed asset and once you put it for sale, it may be sold in 3-6 months or it may take even up to 2 years (or even more) to sell it at your desired price. Working out gestation period will also help you decide the selling price of your property as if you urgently need the sale of your house then you may strike a deal at a lower price than current market conditions. However, if you do not have any urgent need and you can hold your house for some more time then certainly chances are that you will get your desired price if it is justified as per market conditions.

Not everybody lookfor fully constructedhouse for sale in Bangalore. Some like to buy merely an unconstructed plot, over which they can design their house according to their wishes and utility; whereas, others may prefer semi-constructed building. Here buyers give space to all types of sellers. The sellers who want to sell their unfurnished house or semi-furnished or even fully furnished house will also get buyer of the need. Accordingly, seller must consider the price of the property. Though the duration of sale may be unpredictable but the city has scope for all. The sale may take least time if you approach an established and reliable property agent.

Since we all know that properties are sold in all parts of India via a mediator. So is the case in Bangalore. Those who want to sell their property approach property brokers, usually of the area under consideration. Property brokers or real estate agencies give a versatile platform to sellers. They not only find customers for sellers but also offer after sale support. The documentation, registration, timely payment etc. everything is taken good care of by them. If the seller looks for wider target then he can seek support of online real estate agencies. An emerging trend of buying and selling properties online on some established web portal is becoming popular day by day as it not only gives access to nation-wide properties but also assures of clear documentation title and quick purchase or sale of property. The seller may try conventional selling of property through a property broker or may also register property for sale online.


Get help with unleashing your hidden talents!


We all have that one secret desire that we’ve never talked about with anyone, absolutely no one. Buried deep in our hearts, these desires often just remain there and some of us have regrets that they couldn’t be converted into reality. Often, it is because although we know what we would like to do, we don’t know how to accomplish the mission!

Hobby classes in Bangalore, for example, are places where you can learn new skills or hone existing ones and let your inner creativity come to fore. If you’re curious about the kind of hobby classes that are conducted, here are a few examples for you:

  1. Basic and AdvancedSospeso – Another unique form of creating art in which various small creations made of different materials such as paper and tissues are used to create a stunning product, this is a rare art that has captured the interest of several people. Participate in this 2-day workshop (11th and 12th Nov) whose fee is INR 5,000 and learn how to make beautiful objetsd’arts such as photo frames, tissues boxes, decoupage techniques, and getting a porcelain finish to your creations. The workshop will be held at HSR Layout.
  2. Basic Theatre Workshop – Another workshop for those who love acting and enjoy their share of spotlight, this one is created for people who are a little shy or unsure about how they can go about making their dreams of acting beautifully and fearlessly on stage. Participate in the many activities that are organised during this workshop and be thrilled to learn how to master a passionate hobby. The workshop will be conducted at Uma Theatre on Nov 12th, and the cost for it is INR 4,500.
  3. ACT International Workshop Residency in Bangalore – Described as a “transformational physical theatre and music workshop”, this is where you can learn the ways in which you can learn theatre and voice techniques from a renowned person using the core principles of Actor – Chorus – Text. Be a part of this 7-day workshop that will be carried out at Infinite Souls Farm and Artists Retreat in Central Bangalore. The cost of this intensive workshop aimed at improving a person’s theatre skills depends on the kind of training you wish to receive and begins on Nov 19th.
  4. Mosaic Art Workshop – The art of putting together several random, small items to create a big, spectacular object is an interesting and convenient hobby. Collecting things that interest or attract you, such pieces of glass, paper, beads, stones, etc. and putting them together to form a show piece or a small useful object is surely fascinating, isn’t it? The workshop will be held on 19th Nov at Art Blend Cafe in South Bangalore, and the cost is INR 1,000.
  5. Monoprinting Workshop with Priyanka – Printmaking in which lines and images can be etched only once is known as monoprinting. This unique hobby is indeed difficult to learn without formal guidance, and those interested in it should not miss this opportunity of attending this workshop. Taking place on Dec 19th at Bloom & Grow Centre located in South Bangalore, the cost of this workshop is INR 1,200.

With so many changes taking place all over the world in different fields, it comes as no surprise that there have been changes in terms of fulfilling our heart’s desires. Make the most of them!


Ways to make this a Green New Year’s Eve

Every year, there are millions of people who attend New Year’s bashes thrown all around the world. Some go to outdoor events while some prefer ringing in the New Year cosy at their home with their friends and a few loved ones. What many people forget however is that they have a responsibility towards Mother Nature too at all times. Most such organized events are not eco-friendly. There are however ways in which you could make them so.


New Year parties in Delhi are famous throughout the country for the fun and excitement they generate. People talk about the parties for many months to come and eagerly look forward to the next one as soon as one is over! Here are some ways to make them green-worthy too this year:

  1. Car-pool – When you and a bunch of your friends or family members intend to go to the same venue, why not travel to and from the venue in the same vehicle? If there will a large number of people who will be travelling, hire a larger vehicle so that there is less wastage of fossil fuel and emission of polluting gases.
  2. Noise Pollution – One of the biggest side effects of large evens, especially the ones carried out in open spaces, is that music is played really, really loud for a long time! While it may be all fun for those parting, it may be a severe inconvenience to many others, and the animals and birds which love nearby. Not to mention the high level of noise pollution whose brunt Nature needs to bear. Opt for slightly lower volumes; with great company, food, and drinks, the toned-down music will not dampen the spirits and you can have complete fun nonetheless!
  3. Food and drinks – It’s not just New Year bashes; there is a large amount of food and drinks that are wasted all over the world at several functions organised for different reasons. Two things that can be done to deal with wastage is to order only that much food or drinks as will be required instead of order a very large quantity. The second thing that can be done is to carefully and hygienically store the leftovers so that they can be distributed to the needy people.
  4. Natural lighting – There are several options that you can choose from when it comes to lighting. You could go for options such as re-usable glass or paper lanterns, fat long-lasting candles, or floating candles if you have a water-based party. In this way, you are using lesser electricity and you are setting a great mood, especially if you are partying with a few intimate friends.
  5. Clothes – There is an alarming amount of wastage reported of clothes. People keep buying clothes but often do so although they don’t have any need for it. Many old clothes are lying uselessly at home, and many others are sent to the dump yard. This year, try and create funky outfit using style such as mix-n-match with the things you have at home rather than buying costly and new clothes.

A New Year’s party celebrated with conscious green efforts will hopefully set the tone for many of us to follow the same practices throughout the year and our lives too!


OzobotEvo is Not Your Parents’ Robot

When you think of robots, what comes to mind? For those who are older, you might picture the robot on “Lost in Space.” For younger audiences, it may be the Transformers. Whatever pops into your mind, it’s a good bet that it’s not a one-inch robot that you can carry in your hand. As digital technology continues to evolve, so do our toys, our use of that technology and our education in the field. Meet OzobotEvo, the new mini-robot that touches each of those areas and makes learning fun. Evo is the latest product from Evollve, makers of the Ozobot Bit.

What is OzobotEvo?                                          not-your-parents-robot

It’s shaped like a football helmet, minus the face guard, and stands at just over an inch in height, easily fitting into a child’s palm. The company’s goal is to enable children, beginning around age 8, and older users as well, to become more comfortable with robotics and digital technology through social interaction and games. The bot is accessible to schools and families throughout the world.

Another goal of the Ozobot experience is to teach users about simple coding and walk them into a bigger learning experience, in which they will undertake simple programming tasks. Those tasks provide another step to learning and using more advanced programming. In today’s wireless world, it is a necessary skill to understand and work with digital technology.

How Evo Works

In classroom settings, the bot presents simple coding and STEM skills. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (another acronym, STEAM, includes art as a learning category). Users can draw lines and watch Evo follow a specific color, which gives them a very simple taste of how the bot processes commands. Users can control its lights, sounds and movements from smart devices through use of color-code commands or let the bot act on its own.

At home, Evo offers games and other pursuits that the family can do together, including programming projects and downloadable activities. The company vision is to offer activities and gaming to users of all ages that will help them learn about and interact with digital technology, as well as enable them to move from using technology to being involved in creating it.

Robots Have Variety of Uses

Toy robots for kidscan be used as tools to help us complete tasks and achieve things. They can be used to explore places we can’t go, like beneath the ocean and to other planets. Factories can use them to help build cars and electronics. Robotics is now used in national defense, hospitals, in transportation and more. Robotics helps make people’s lives better. It also shows how important it is to learn all you can about science, technology, engineering and math while you are in school.

Whether it’s used in the classroom or at home in a family setting, the bot combines entertainment and education in a way that feels natural and is fun for everyone. Ozobot aims to “inspire the next generation of leaders and innovators,” and hopes Evo will do that. For more information, visit the company website at


VW Ameo makes to top 5 Sedan for July

Volkswagen has recently launched the sub four-meter sedan Ameo and this is among the best launches to happen. It is a super stylish sedan sold for a great value priced between Rs 5.4 to 8.6 lakhs implying that it is more reasonable than even Polo. The demand for Ameo is enormous considering the fact that it has been just over two months since launch. In July it has among the top five sellers in the compact sedan market.


In 2016 July Volkswagen recorded a 6.75% gain in India and the main profit contributor is Ameo. The company sold 2,200 units of the car, now with the huge demand and sale turnover, Ameo is a fierce threat to its competition, and its arch rivals are Hyundai Xcent, Tata Zest, Ford Figo Aspire, Honda Amaze and Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire. At the moment only the petrol Ameo model is on sale and soon there is going to be a diesel car on offer.

Within just a short period post launch Ameo is among the top five bestselling sedans in July, with 2,200 units. Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire is a top selling car with 19229 units, and the other good selling compact sedan cars during this month are Hyundai Xcent with 4585 units and Honda Amaze with 2309 units. Ameo has generated greater profits than Tata Zest with 1927 units and Ford Figo Aspire with 748 units.

Ameo is the top-selling car within the stable of Volkswagen and the next biggest seller is Polo with 1047 units. The company sold 947 units of Vento, 98 units of Jetta and 9 units of Beetle, Ameo has generated impressive sales in just few months’ post launch, and this is a highly desired car. Let us browse through the interesting features and pluck out the reasons that makes the Ameo desirable.



Ameo is engineered on an advanced PQ25 platform and this is the same platform as Polo. View the front portion of the vehicle and you will notice a professional design architecture contributed by re-designed bumper and horizontal fog lights. On the rear too you will notice distinct features compared to Polo visible on bumper and new tail lights. The car on the whole has a professional design and the feature that enhances the sophistication value of the vehicle is a neat character line that starts from headlights and merges on to tail lights. There are also supportive lines that blend in with wheel arches.

The top-end Highlight variant has alloy wheels, outer rear view mirrors and body-colored bumpers. In order to withstand extreme weather conditions, the car has trendy fog lights in front and rear defogger. All variants have heat-insulating glass windshield and halogen headlights covered in a neat black shade.


The interior of Ameo is grand, covered in a stunning beige and black décor, the top-end Highline model has a plush center console decorated in a neat aluminum finish, leather covered gear knob, posh leather covered steering wheel decorated with piano black material. The layout of the dashboard is amazing and it engineered with top quality material and an important point to remember is it is scratch resistant.


Ameo runs on a powerful MPI 1.2-liter engine linked to five-speed manual transmission, and this engine is present in all three variants, Highline, Comfortline and Trendline. The diesel car is built with a robust TDI 1.5-liter engine and it is connected to five-speed manual transmission. There is another 1.5-liter TDI diesel power-train and this is linked to seven-speed DSG transmission and this is offered only in Highline and Comfortline models. The engine power of Ameo is top-class with minimal room for noise vibration and harshness levels and driving the car is a great experience.


The mileage offered by Ameo petrol is 15kmpl on ideal city conditions and on highways it is 18kmpl. The fuel-efficiency of the diesel car is 18kmpl on city roads and on highways it gives 22kmpl. Overall the ARAI certified mileage figures of petrol car are 17.83kmpl and the diesel model gives 24.5kmpl.

Braking and safety:

Volkswagen has ensured to engineer Ameo with adequate safety feature to ensure maximum occupant protection. In all variants there are dual front airbags and ABS and these are standard features. The Highline and Comfortline models have front fog lights and hill hold control, and all variants have back fog lights. The most loaded Highline car has auto-dimming interior rear view mirror, front fog lamps with static cornering lights and rear defogger. The front disc brakes induce additional power into the car to handle tough roads effectively.

Performance and Handling:

The handline capacity of Ameo is smooth, and it can withstand tough roads and wet lanes, the ABS gives the car additional thrust with respect to acquiring good balance on straight roads and highways, and the handling and performance is further improved with the aid of telescopic and tilt kind of power steering.


Ameo is sold in vibrant and youthful shades of reflex silver, carbon steel, night blue, copper orange, flash red and candy.

Volkswagen has generated so much fortunes with Ameo compact sedan alone, it is a sub-compact sedan built on Polo platform and sold at a reasonable value. The car looks classy from any angle, and the interiors are grand with top-quality material. The car scores well on the safety and handling front and it moves on a robust engine as well.

Ameo is perfect for people who enjoy a combination of luxury, sophistication and youthfulness, and now it has been just few months’ post launch, and in the near future it is likely to be a game changer. For those who are keen on buying this car, it is a great model to buy and you will simply feel good driving it and you can take the car on a spin irrespective of road conditions. The car has overshadowed the popularity of Tata Zest and Ford Figo Aspire. This is among the best compact sedans to own.


Tips And Tricks That Will Keep Your Honda In Best Running Condition


To keep your vehicle in the same and best running condition, it is important to take the best care of it. Honda cars are the most loved and durable cars in the world. Regular maintenance and checkup activities will enhance its life.

In this article, we will look at useful tips that will keep your vehicle in the best condition.

Taking care of brakes

Brakes, brake pads and brake rotors are important parts of a car. Proper maintenance of each of them is very necessary. If you notice any metallic screeching sound while applying the brake, then it shows that they require replacement. Sometimes the fluid level in the brakes is low. This can lead to damage in them. Thus regularly check the fluid and ensure that it is in right amounts.

As the brake fluid is hygroscopic in nature, it can absorb moisture. This moisture when goes inside the brake can harm the metal and seals by corroding them. It is thus required that you flush your existing fluid and replace it with new fluid. This will help in eliminating condensation prior to the occurrence of extensive damage. On link you will find easy to read, informative manuals in PDF format.

Car Fuel

Fuel is one of the essential elements that come when driving a car. For running Honda cars efficiently and smoothly it is recommended to buy high volume gasoline from branded stations. It has been seen that sometimes deposits get build up inside the engine and fuel system. Thus to prevent this issue, you need to select fuels that have effective detergent additives.

Depending on the season, you may get winter or summer blended fuel. This helps in preventing issues related to cold or hot start. Choose winter fuels with higher volatility to compensate the impact of cold dense air. Go for summer fuels with the lower volatility that makes them less susceptible to percolate.

Service manuals available on Repairloader are very detailed and concise. Their step by step instructions helps in taking efficient repair and service of a wide range of vehicles such as Hondas, Yamaha, Suzuki, Toyota, Polaris, Harley, etc.

Tips and precautions to follow when refueling your Honda vehicle

  • Do not light any matches or indulge in smoking near your vehicle.
  • When refueling your car, it is advisable to come out of the car for the period the procedure is being done. This is essential to prevent any activity resulting in a static build-up of electricity and its discharge.
  • Securely tighten the gas cap after refueling it otherwise it can illuminate the malfunction indicator light present on the instrument panel.

Honda manuals for instant download are made to be keyword searchable that helps in quick and easy access to required information.

There are different parts in the car that require adequate attention and care. Auto maintenance companies offer brilliant maintenance and service support to the vehicle owners. For smooth running of your vehicle for many years, start implementing these tips from today!!


Some Simple Basic Tips for Healthy and Shiny Hair with Sulfate Free Shampoo!

There are many basic things, which can be undertaken for a lifelong healthy hair like sulfate free shampoo But we often get influenced by others and feel like trying new therapies or products on our hair. Is it good enough for your hair texture?

Invest in your hair; it is the crown you never take off!

I do not say it is wrong to get new opinions and hence opting for an improved expensive hair care product. But it is very necessary to always act smartly and not just following blindly. Every woman hardly gives her own self-priority on her schedule and hence there comes a lacking factor. You need to take out some time daily for yourself in order to look good and feel good. No facials or laser therapies can give you the natural beauty or glow, which you can get on your own by following some simple routine for hair.


Here we shall discuss some easy tips, which you should follow daily for your hair health.

Hair Wash Regime- Weekly we all perform hair wash. Some do it twice in a week or some thrice a week. There are fitness conscious people who cannot afford to miss hair wash alternately. Hair wash needs a proper method and technique. We all do not know but the fact is we can harm our hair badly while washing if not done in the correct manner.

  • Remove any styling serums on hair. There are times when you go out for parties and apply spray or serum for extras shine and straightness to your hair. Before washing, always comb your hair to remove maximum part of spray and further apply a hair nourishing cream. Only after that, you should begin washing your hair.
  • Lukewarm water is ideal for washing whereas extremely hot water is not all good for hair and it should be completely avoided. However, just a slight lukewarm water works wonders for your hair and hence should be used at least for the first rinse.
  • Condition your hair with good natural oil or homemade cream or hair packs before washing. Girls with long hair should always follow this thumb rule, else they will have to face hair fall and hair thinning problems. Long hair needs extra care and hence good tips should be followed to maintain them. Always apply any nourishing pack or cream or conditioner near the roots and not on the scalp.
  • Now always take a small amount of shampoo for washing your hair and hence forming the lather. Start from the roots and go till the ends. Avoid using much of shampoos. Prefer buying sulfate free shampoo for your hair as they do not have harmful chemicals, which further dries up your scalp, and hence moisture gets finished from your hair.
  • Shampoo, Condition, and Wash are the guru mantra for hair. Initially, wash your hair with lukewarm water. Then apply conditioner on roots after shampoo and squeezing extra water out of your hair. Leave it for few minutes and then wash again properly. Avoid the scalp to come in contact of any conditioner. Lastly, rinse your hair with cold water. Rinsing with cold water nourishes the hair and finally closes the pores and cells.
  • Give good drying time to your hair. It is good to let your hair dry naturally. Just cover a nice towel around for some time and then let it cool in fresh hair. Avoid tying your hair until completely dry. Never comb your wet hair as it harms the tips and forms split ends. Hair dryers are not good and should be used only occasionally.

Hair Nourishing Regime-

  • Applying natural hair oils periodically with a soft hair massage gives great results.
  • Eating Right is again a big factor for great hair. You need to eat good citrus fruits as well as nutritious vegetables regularly for great skin and hair. They have a direct connection to hair growth. Even nuts have good inbuilt natural oils which are utmost important for great hair health.
  • Drink lots of water and sugar-free liquids. Water is a blessing for hair, and if you drink ample of water regularly, it hydrates your body thoroughly, indirectly nourishing your hair from the roots.
  • Always choose right shampoo like the sulfate free shampoo by trying and understand your hair-type. Choose a special shampoo that suits your hair type. Ideally, they work better than general shampoos.
  • Avoid changing shampoos and never get influenced by the new product in market or advertisements. Keeping a good shampoo for longer use helps your hair in the long time.
  • Dandruff should be taken seriously. Suppose you feel the rise of dandruff in your hair. Just finish it off in an early stage with the help of Dandruff free shampoo.

So my dear friends, try to be more basic and natural in lifestyle. The more cosmetic you use, the more you make situations worse for future.