Few Guidelines on How to Buy Reusable Bags

It is seen that the total usage of plastic bags ranges from 500 billion to a trillion, which is equal to a million per minute. However, a few stores have drastically reduced the usage of shopping bags. Apart from that, some cities have also totally banned the usage of plastic bags altogether recently.

With the entire ban, the challenge now is to obtain alternate products that can replace the use of plastic bags which can be reusable. In order, to get the best of products, it is essential to realise that there are many products that can be considered for recycle but at the same time requires a lot of energy to go through the recycling process.

Whether you are looking to shop now or later it is important on your part to know about all the products before reaching a conclusion. Essentially, it is also difficult to understand whether the product that is used is a new plastic or a recycled one.

Here is some information which is essential for a buyer before deciding about a particular product.

Polyethylene and polypropylene reusable bags

 Advantages of such kind of plastics are as follows –

  • They can be recycled
  • They are strong and durable
  • Chemically resistive
  • Very cheap to produce.

Disadvantages –

  • Has the possibility of wearing out especially if the plastic is made from low quality thin material
  • Polyethylene and Polypropylene are obtained from fossil fuels
  • Recycling isn’t an available option for all locations.

Reusable jute bags

Jute bags can be called as hessian as a product for example hessian bags.


  • They are biodegradable
  • One of the natural fibres that is considered to be quite strong
  • Comparatively cheaper in price
  • Durability is consistent
  • Jute crops require very less amount of water


  • Non-resistivity characteristic if not chemically treated
  • Jute can be grown by using pesticides
  • Most of the jute products available has to be imported

Calico Reusable bags

Calico is a kind of fabric which is not totally processed.


  • Due to less utilisation of chemicals, calico is environment friendly
  • The fabric is relatively cheaper to produce
  • Cotton is strong as well as durable


  • It is not water resistant until it is chemically treated
  • Cotton needs a lot of pesticides unless they are grown organically.
  • Cotton growing can end up being water dependable.

Reusable hemp bags

The word hemp often might lead to interpretation of connection with marijuana. However, in textile industries hemp is a totally a different plant but from the same family.


  • Very strong, durable and also the fibre is rot resistant.
  • The crops can also grow in soil which lacks water.


  • It can turn out to be an expensive procedure because of the constant resistance legally, mainly due to its connection with something addictive as marijuana. As per present situation, things are slowly changing in many places.

From the details, you may now have an idea about the technicalities that will help in understanding whether a bag is good or bad.

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