Essay Writing – How to Master the Art


Essay writing is the most common assignments that a student has to go through during college selections.  Writing and essay writing is very different and you must rely on essay writing formats and tips to ensure that you secure a good place in the college. This is one of the ways in getting 1st class honours and getting good grades.

Most students are of the view that essay writing is one the hardest task in the college. It may be boring and tiring. Therefore, you must take special care while writing your essay. The main things you focus on are the subject, opening of the paragraphs, over all format and structure of the essay. You must also focus on the quality of the content and analysis.

Selecting the right subject for your essay

The first and foremost step is to decide your subject and theme of the essay. You must be clear about the subject of the essay and stick to it. The most common mistake a student makes is deviating from the subject matter to the information provided in the essay. You must focus your writing efforts with the flow of the essay.

You must pick a subject you are interested in because it will make your writing easy and you will be able to present it neatly. Also, if you are going for current topics you must ensure that your essay is different from the information floating on the internet.

You must try to find an angle of creating the topic more interesting and readable. Good resources for your writing will always be the internet, e-books, published and accepted journals. You can also watch the interviews of people, video content and library books for the selected subject. You must give the extra zing to your essay. At the same time, you must not forget to keep the language simple and lucid.

Creating sub headings and proper paragraphs

No one likes to read bulk thesis type of articles. There is always a loss of attention if the write up is too lengthy. In order to keep up with the attention factor you must insert proper sub headings. Also, you must explain the sub headings with justified information in a paragraph.

Additionally, you should not go for bulky paragraphs. Break down your paragraph after 150-200 words. Little space will help the reader to breathe in between and understand the material being read so far.  Also, to support your statement you can also insert the required graphs and statistics.

As easy it may sound, most of the time student fall out in proper representation and wastes a lot of time.  In order to get it right in the first place, you can always have a professional guidance and go for essay writing services. You can check and understand the company. You can also go for guided services instead of taking the help of entire service.

Content and Analysis

The content should have proper information. You must be well aware of how you are presenting your information. There should be a smooth flow of the topic. Approach the essay as if you are making a layman understand your topic and point of view.


While you are breaking the body into introduction, body and conclusion analysis the writing style and what you are trying to communicate. At the same time, check your word count before submitting and adhere to the stated word count by the university.

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