OzobotEvo is Not Your Parents’ Robot

When you think of robots, what comes to mind? For those who are older, you might picture the robot on “Lost in Space.” For younger audiences, it may be the Transformers. Whatever pops into your mind, it’s a good bet that it’s not a one-inch robot that you can carry in your hand. As digital technology continues to evolve, so do our toys, our use of that technology and our education in the field. Meet OzobotEvo, the new mini-robot that touches each of those areas and makes learning fun. Evo is the latest product from Evollve, makers of the Ozobot Bit.

What is OzobotEvo?                                          not-your-parents-robot

It’s shaped like a football helmet, minus the face guard, and stands at just over an inch in height, easily fitting into a child’s palm. The company’s goal is to enable children, beginning around age 8, and older users as well, to become more comfortable with robotics and digital technology through social interaction and games. The bot is accessible to schools and families throughout the world.

Another goal of the Ozobot experience is to teach users about simple coding and walk them into a bigger learning experience, in which they will undertake simple programming tasks. Those tasks provide another step to learning and using more advanced programming. In today’s wireless world, it is a necessary skill to understand and work with digital technology.

How Evo Works

In classroom settings, the bot presents simple coding and STEM skills. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (another acronym, STEAM, includes art as a learning category). Users can draw lines and watch Evo follow a specific color, which gives them a very simple taste of how the bot processes commands. Users can control its lights, sounds and movements from smart devices through use of color-code commands or let the bot act on its own.

At home, Evo offers games and other pursuits that the family can do together, including programming projects and downloadable activities. The company vision is to offer activities and gaming to users of all ages that will help them learn about and interact with digital technology, as well as enable them to move from using technology to being involved in creating it.

Robots Have Variety of Uses

Toy robots for kidscan be used as tools to help us complete tasks and achieve things. They can be used to explore places we can’t go, like beneath the ocean and to other planets. Factories can use them to help build cars and electronics. Robotics is now used in national defense, hospitals, in transportation and more. Robotics helps make people’s lives better. It also shows how important it is to learn all you can about science, technology, engineering and math while you are in school.

Whether it’s used in the classroom or at home in a family setting, the bot combines entertainment and education in a way that feels natural and is fun for everyone. Ozobot aims to “inspire the next generation of leaders and innovators,” and hopes Evo will do that. For more information, visit the company website at

Being Prepared For Your Customer Service Call

Being Prepared For Your Customer Service Call

Whether you’re making a call to deal with your mobile contract, tax, banking or utilities, it’s important to be prepared before calling your customer service hotline. Sorting out problems and questions regarding your contracts can be difficult enough as it is, so being prepared can help things to run much more smoothly…. from your end at least. Before you pick up that phone and search for the contact number, get prepared with some of these useful tips for making customer service calls.

Being Prepared For Your Customer Service Call

Get Everything You Need

Most customer service helplines will have a matrix of security questions that you need to pass before you even get the privilege of taking to someone human, so have all the information ready before you make the call. If you’ve got a file of records with your account numbers, security codes and recent information, have that to hand so that you don’t make a mad dash to the filing cabinet when they inevitably ask the questions.

Suitable Environment

Customer service calls can be quick and simple, or they can take quite a long time with someone who is difficult to understand. So make sure that you leave plenty of time for the call in case it goes on for a while, and don’t do it whilst you’re on the move in case you lose reception. Ideally, you want to be in a quiet room where you can get as comfortable as possible to deal with the problem in full, there and then.

Be Clear and Concise

Both when you’re dealing with an automated machine and with an actual assistant, try to be clear and concise when stating your problem. Rambling on about your past experiences, the context etc will only delay the call, especially if you are dealing with someone from another country. If they need more information, you can be sure that they’ll ask you for it. So get to the point as soon as possible to speed the process up.

Be Patient and Positive

Although it’s easy to get annoyed and frustrated with the person on the other end of the line, be patient and remember that they’re only human. If you are calm, patient and if possible, positive, then you’re much more likely to get the response that you want from them too. Being angry and impatient will not only make your points lose coherence, but it will also alienate the customer service assistant from wanting to help you in the first place. So try to reign it in.

Nobody likes dealing with customer service calls. But they have to be done, and when you do have to make that call, you want it to be as stress-free and quick as possible. Like pulling a plaster off. By following these key tips to help you prepare for your call, you’re likely to get the response that you without having to get in a flap about the whole thing. There is no point in getting stressed.

Article by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam who has worked with Every Contact Number to provide this helpful article on making calls to customer service lines.

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