Some Simple Basic Tips for Healthy and Shiny Hair with Sulfate Free Shampoo!

There are many basic things, which can be undertaken for a lifelong healthy hair like sulfate free shampoo But we often get influenced by others and feel like trying new therapies or products on our hair. Is it good enough for your hair texture?

Invest in your hair; it is the crown you never take off!

I do not say it is wrong to get new opinions and hence opting for an improved expensive hair care product. But it is very necessary to always act smartly and not just following blindly. Every woman hardly gives her own self-priority on her schedule and hence there comes a lacking factor. You need to take out some time daily for yourself in order to look good and feel good. No facials or laser therapies can give you the natural beauty or glow, which you can get on your own by following some simple routine for hair.


Here we shall discuss some easy tips, which you should follow daily for your hair health.

Hair Wash Regime- Weekly we all perform hair wash. Some do it twice in a week or some thrice a week. There are fitness conscious people who cannot afford to miss hair wash alternately. Hair wash needs a proper method and technique. We all do not know but the fact is we can harm our hair badly while washing if not done in the correct manner.

  • Remove any styling serums on hair. There are times when you go out for parties and apply spray or serum for extras shine and straightness to your hair. Before washing, always comb your hair to remove maximum part of spray and further apply a hair nourishing cream. Only after that, you should begin washing your hair.
  • Lukewarm water is ideal for washing whereas extremely hot water is not all good for hair and it should be completely avoided. However, just a slight lukewarm water works wonders for your hair and hence should be used at least for the first rinse.
  • Condition your hair with good natural oil or homemade cream or hair packs before washing. Girls with long hair should always follow this thumb rule, else they will have to face hair fall and hair thinning problems. Long hair needs extra care and hence good tips should be followed to maintain them. Always apply any nourishing pack or cream or conditioner near the roots and not on the scalp.
  • Now always take a small amount of shampoo for washing your hair and hence forming the lather. Start from the roots and go till the ends. Avoid using much of shampoos. Prefer buying sulfate free shampoo for your hair as they do not have harmful chemicals, which further dries up your scalp, and hence moisture gets finished from your hair.
  • Shampoo, Condition, and Wash are the guru mantra for hair. Initially, wash your hair with lukewarm water. Then apply conditioner on roots after shampoo and squeezing extra water out of your hair. Leave it for few minutes and then wash again properly. Avoid the scalp to come in contact of any conditioner. Lastly, rinse your hair with cold water. Rinsing with cold water nourishes the hair and finally closes the pores and cells.
  • Give good drying time to your hair. It is good to let your hair dry naturally. Just cover a nice towel around for some time and then let it cool in fresh hair. Avoid tying your hair until completely dry. Never comb your wet hair as it harms the tips and forms split ends. Hair dryers are not good and should be used only occasionally.

Hair Nourishing Regime-

  • Applying natural hair oils periodically with a soft hair massage gives great results.
  • Eating Right is again a big factor for great hair. You need to eat good citrus fruits as well as nutritious vegetables regularly for great skin and hair. They have a direct connection to hair growth. Even nuts have good inbuilt natural oils which are utmost important for great hair health.
  • Drink lots of water and sugar-free liquids. Water is a blessing for hair, and if you drink ample of water regularly, it hydrates your body thoroughly, indirectly nourishing your hair from the roots.
  • Always choose right shampoo like the sulfate free shampoo by trying and understand your hair-type. Choose a special shampoo that suits your hair type. Ideally, they work better than general shampoos.
  • Avoid changing shampoos and never get influenced by the new product in market or advertisements. Keeping a good shampoo for longer use helps your hair in the long time.
  • Dandruff should be taken seriously. Suppose you feel the rise of dandruff in your hair. Just finish it off in an early stage with the help of Dandruff free shampoo.

So my dear friends, try to be more basic and natural in lifestyle. The more cosmetic you use, the more you make situations worse for future.

Where in The World Are The Happiest Couples?

Is it possible to be in a happy relationship? There are many couples out there that have found true love and settled down into healthy relationships.

There is a growing number of couples getting connected through a dating app, like LOV. Finding your significant other through internet dating can be very helpful. You don’t end up going out with people that are not compatible with you.

Where do The Happiest Couples Live?

Do you think that culture plays into how happy a couple can be? Is there a place on earth that couples tend to be in better relationships?

eHarmony Labs paired up with Oxford Internet Institute to conduct a survey of 16 Western European countries. Out of 16,573 people that were surveyed, the Netherlands won the award.

Here are the top ranking countries in order of who had the most satisfied couples:

  1. Netherlands
  2. Germany
  3. Austria
  4. Sweden
  5. Switzerland
  6. France
  7. Portugal
  8. Belgium
  9. Spain
  10. Italy
  11. Greece
  12. UK
  13. Norway
  14. Denmark
  15. Ireland
  16. Finland

You can see the map of these through this infographic, this is only a small section of the world, but of those living in these countries, those in the Netherlands reported being the happiest in their relationships.

We can only assume that some cultural implications in that region have helped couples to be fully adjusted with one another.

How Does The US Rank With Other Cultures?

If you live in the US, you might wonder how you rank with other nationalities. One study was conducted among English-speaking couples and Spanish-speaking couples.

In that study, it turned out that both cultures valued many of the same things. For example, they both wanted partners that:

  • Valued intimacy
  • Had the same idea of romanticism
  • Wanted a partner that sees them as an equal
  • Had a partner that was ambitious

It would seem that the key to being a happy couple is to find someone that is compatible with you on these levels.

Abby Cook is the editor-in-chief of LOV’s Blog http://www.lovapp.co/blog/. LOV is a mobile dating app that uses your social activity to determine your personality. She is a writer, elementary school teacher, and a loving wife; and she adores hosting parties and living a meaningful life. She encourages all of her single friends to find their true love as well on LOV http://www.lovapp.co/imready for free. Follow on https://twitter.com/lov_app

What Are Michael M. Engagement Rings

What Are Michael M. Engagement Rings?

The engagement ring is one of the vital parts of jewelry which express feelings, affection and commitment. It is covered with love that loved one realize that you are prepared to spend the total of your life with her. But you haven’t found a perfect engagement ring yet, why not think about Michael M. engagement rings? In this situation you don’t need to be Irish to present (or to be given) this kind of ring.

Michael M.designed excellent, attractive and symbolic designs which can be observed in, television, newspaper, movies, architecture, fashion, and also in daily items. Michael M. engagement rings comprise such type of designs which are absolutely excellent, unique and gorgeous. Various expensive metals can be utilized for this Engagement ring. You can select any of these valuable metals below or get in an exclusive design:

  • White Gold
  • Platinum
  • Sterling silver
  • Titanium

You may found both precious and semi-precious gems in these engagement rings that may add gorgeousness and sparkle to the engagement ring. You will be able to utilize diamonds, rubies, and various other precious stones. You can select the gemstone which can match the color of her dress, eyes or other one which might expresses your burning love.

What Are Michael M. Engagement Rings?

Advantage of Michael M. Engagement Rings

These types of gorgeous engagement rings blend some classic tradition along with today’s modern sophistication. There are lots of different alternatives, each of them showing the taste of the founder Michael M. As this engagement ring is a symbol of affection, love, union, and also infinity, it is the ideal sign of your love and commitment to your partner to marriage and life together.  Frequently alluded to as the Lovers’ Knot, this is a standout amongst the most famous design for engagement rings. In spite of the fact that this design is a most loved in itself, it could be considerably more significant when it is the topic of a uniquely crafted ring. You can look over amongst the numerous engagement rings presently accessible, or have a ring which is particularly your own. Whichever you incline toward, the rich imagery of the Michael M. engagement rings is a wonderful approach to express your endless adoration and duty. Many individual prefer to incorporate the Michael M design into their engagement rings. in spite of  one’s specific beliefs, an engagement ring that is the symbolizes of love is an accurate way for a married couple to start their life together.

One of the beautiful features of this engagement ring is that there is an extensive variety obtainable, the one you select will be very extraordinary, if you think to buy one which is ready-made. All of such renowned designs can be discovered separately in a variety of shapes, styles, as well as rings that have an arrangement of these great symbols. You can likewise have the kind of metal you like, as they are accessible in sterling silver, platinum, and the different carats of gold. If you feel that an engagement ring ought to incorporate a stone, numerous Michael M. engagement rings have precious stones, emeralds, and different gemstones.

For a really remarkable expression of your affection and responsibility, you can have a type ring hand crafted only for you. You will have the finest workmanship and the finest quality materials in the ring which you outline. You are the people, and your relationship is special; an exceptional ring is the most gorgeous approach to reveal to it.

Amongst the different approach, style of this engagement ring quickly accessible, or in the event that you jump at the chance to plan by your own, the rich exceptionally coupled with a forefront feeling of many-sided quality will make it basic for you to pick the one ring that is perfect for you.

How Your Body Image Impacts Your Relationship

How Your Body Image Impacts Your Relationship?

Body Image and Low Self Esteem

It is human nature that our body image and our self-perceptions greatly impacts our relationships, especially our intimate ones. It is only natural that our body shapes, size and physical appearances will change as we age. Current news stories are addressing how Hollywood often shapes the perceptions we have of ourselves in becoming thinner, prettier, and healthier. This is why this only makes our body image suffer. Individuals who believe that they are not popular, not attractive to others, or just overall have a low esteem value, begin to feel lonely and isolated. They view themselves as being less desirable, with low self-esteem, then they wind up projecting these feelings indirectly on their family, friends, lovers, and potential relationships.

Helpful Tips Re: Body Image vs. Love

Relationships will only suffer when you become immersed in your own self-image – or at least what you perceive to be your image. As you view your body image, forcing yourself to become engulfed in days of exercises and hours of self-absorption, you become disconnected to your relationships. There are a few things that you can do to help start loving the skin that you are in, especially if it is not affecting your health:

  1.  Self Struggles: stop beating yourself up and stop berating how you look! The more you think about … “if only I,” only pushes your loved ones away from you.

      2.  Communicate: make a decision to talk to your family and friends about how you feel about your body image. If you can’t talk to them right now, seek confidential professional help. The more you talk, the less weight you’ll carry by yourself. If you are married or in a committed relationship, get your partner involved – after all they may not be aware of the issue you have with your body.

How Your Body Image Impacts Your Relationship?

  1.  Take Time to Play: find a friend of family member to go to the gym with you as encouragement. Inviting a spouse to go with you is even better because they can give you emotional support. In this way, you don’t view the gym as work, instead it becomes a place of encouragement, a social interaction environment, and maybe even fun. If not the gym, join a dancing, bowling, swimming, or biking club. The end results will be calories, inches, and then pounds, followed by a positive body image.
  1.  Professional Help: therapists can help you individually or as a couple, find the balance you need concerning your idea of your body image. They can help you build healthy coping tools to stop your defeatist attitude without any self-medicating behaviors. They can teach you to take it one day at a time and not to rush into various diets, just make lifestyle changes over time. Practitioners help you to calm your body and mind.

I Love You Just The Way You Are – Really I Do!

It is important to have a positive self-image and a better self-esteem so that you can become fulfilled during lovemaking activities. People who don’t feel attractive in their body can affect their desire to have lovemaking activities or to be intimate. When someone has thoughts of a negative body image, they may feel embarrassed about being naked around their partners, or being touched. This only results in an unstable relationship! Because it’s hard for people with low self-esteem to believe they’re loved unconditionally and are accepted by their partners, they have a tendency to hold back from being fully committing in relationships or making themselves vulnerable that are unhelpful for relationships.

A Good Relationship and Your Body Image

There is also a flip side in how your body image impacts your relationship. Men and women who are satisfied with their relationships, are also satisfied with their present body image, whether they are at their ideal weight or not. When men or women had previously been on a diet and they met someone new and a relationship began forming, then the satisfaction with their body size, shape, and weight did not matter as much. This goes to prove that our satisfaction with our body image is impacted by how happy we are in a romantic relationship, then what we perceive our weight selves to be.


Men or women who are self-confident don’t worry so much about their weight, thereby establishing a healthy and good relationship. When you feel pretty good about yourself and secure about who you are and what is important to you, it may be easier to make relationships with people who admire you for who you are and not about who you think that you would like to be.

Smart and Planned Online Apparel Shopping

Smart and Planned Online Apparel Shopping

Online shopping and online fashion boutiques are pretty hot and a huge marketplace right now. It is a growing industry as more and more people are buying the apparels online. The ability to shop the clothes online improves your personal style and helps you dress better. Shoppers prefer to buy fashionable clothes online because of convenience, international orders, and look in for the items within price range, avoid crowded places, and check for the variety of apparels the company offers.

Smart and Planned Online Apparel Shopping

Be Aware of Shopping Terminologies

  1. Sizing charts: Looking out for exact size that fits you will be important. Have the accurate measurements of your body and keep them up to date. There are sizing charts available for different retailers so choosing the apt size mentioned in the charts are in most cases an exact fit.
  2. Product description: Online fashion websites do have some great pictures where the model flaunts the apparel and you can browse and zoom in for trendy items. The color and design of the jackets, bottoms, tees, sweaters, cardigans, blazers, and dresses can be clearly known on the site whereas the material and other details can be known only through the product description.
  3. Customer reviews: The reviews about the apparels are very important when it comes to online shopping. Material or fabric cannot be felt though there are a lot of details mentioned in the product description section. But the reviews section from the outfit buyers will definitely help to get an idea about the outfit.
  4. Wish list: A bunch of online websites in which you maintain your account will also have an opportunity for you to create your own personalized wish list. This wish list alerts you whenever your items on the list go on sale or has great deals on purchase.
  5. Shipping and return policies: Make sure that a particular item you are buying is for the best price and also pay attention to international taxes, shipping costs, and number of days taken to deliver item. The item bought may have a best deal but may turn out to be very expensive during check out. There are many websites which also provide free global shipping. Be sure of the brand’s return policies before you make any purchase so that future difficulties can be avoided and making sure that the refund will be possible.

Smart Hacks for Online Shoppers

Super cheap and affordable outfit shopping is what everyone desires for. Being aware of some fashion blogs and a few websites marketed in Instagram and Facebook increases knowledge about best ways of online shopping. There are other things to be taken care of during a smart Online Shopping Store.

  • When shopping in high end websites, always browse the sale section for great deals and make a quick search on the internet for coupons. Being aware of pre-sales, family deals, and other festive or event offers help to buy apparel for great deals.
  • Keep a note on brands, retailers, and designers you have bought before.
  • Having community access for particular sites like enrolling for the newsletters and regular visit to the fashion blogs are great source of information to your fashion diary. Have an option to receive regular emails to be aware of the items you love the most are back in stock again.
  • Check the list of the apparels purchased in the cart and that reassures you about the apparels to be finally checked out.

Stay aware that you will only spend what you would want for a particular item and not get lost in the heap of fancy fabrics.

Fashion Hacks For Middle Aged Ladies

Fashion Hacks For Middle Aged Ladies

Every woman loves when she look good and stylish. But with growing age it becomes important to know how to look good in whatever you wear. With the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you cannot just give away your glorious look. Justfab has huge collection of clothes that can suit your look in every age. Here are some tips you need to check out.

Fashion Hacks For Middle Aged Ladies

1. Replace Jeans with Trousers

This is a time when you need to replace your jeans with nice pair of trousers. A tailored and sleek pant looks extremely classy as well as stylish. Make sure these are well fitted and not skinny. You can try different materials such as lace or velvet for your trousers.

2. Choose the Monochromatic Look

You can select bright colors, but make sure these are monochromatic. To look stylish at your age choose perfect monochrome look that can suit your body. You can try formal blazer with pencil skirt. For colors, pick emerald green or mustard yellow.

3. Use Belts

Belts can improve your look. For perfect look you can try sleek belt with skirt or trouser. Since middle aged ladies feel comfortable in loose fitted tops or tunics, you can wear them with slim belt to highlight your hip.

4. Try Bold Prints and Simple Cuts

Simple cut tops and blouses are best for middle aged ladies because extra ruffles tend to make them heavier, which is not good. Flower prints and polka dots will look amazing on them. However, to be on the safe side, go for trial and error method to find which print suits your body.

5. Concentrate on Little Detailing

There’s no need for everyone to know that you are wearing same top or blouse again and again. You can add some details to give yourself a new look. Experiment with different collars, sleeve details, pleats and more. This will help you stay stylish, well within your comfort zone.

6. Wear Proper Shoes

Choosing right shoes is another important tip you cannot miss. Since your look is very simple, you can include statement shoes to highlight yourself. Colorful pumps and wedges look absolutely stylish. You can read justfab.com reviews to know more about shoe styling methods.

7. Opt for Right Accessories

Make sure you choose at least one or two accessories but don’t overdo it. Some best options are pearls, diamonds, precious stone, gold and more but you need to take care that your accessories blends well with your outfits.

8. Maintain the Right Structure

It is impossible to hide each body flaw you have, so never try to hide them by wearing ill fitted clothes. On the other hand proper fitted clothes will help you look smart and confident. Choose high waist pants and flattering shirt to get good and well dressed look.

9. The Dress Style

Some middle aged ladies do not prefer to wear dresses after reaching 40. But this doesn’t mean you cannot wear dresses. All you need to know, the science of right dressing. Choose dresses that go just above the knee, but doesn’t show off too much skin. You can also opt for wider skirts.

10. Follow the Right Trend

Following right trend is also important. Make sure you know all latest styles that can work for all women. Choose blazers in jersey materials available in pastel shades. You can also opt for tailor made pants and dresses.