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We all have that one secret desire that we’ve never talked about with anyone, absolutely no one. Buried deep in our hearts, these desires often just remain there and some of us have regrets that they couldn’t be converted into reality. Often, it is because although we know what we would like to do, we don’t know how to accomplish the mission!

Hobby classes in Bangalore, for example, are places where you can learn new skills or hone existing ones and let your inner creativity come to fore. If you’re curious about the kind of hobby classes that are conducted, here are a few examples for you:

  1. Basic and AdvancedSospeso – Another unique form of creating art in which various small creations made of different materials such as paper and tissues are used to create a stunning product, this is a rare art that has captured the interest of several people. Participate in this 2-day workshop (11th and 12th Nov) whose fee is INR 5,000 and learn how to make beautiful objetsd’arts such as photo frames, tissues boxes, decoupage techniques, and getting a porcelain finish to your creations. The workshop will be held at HSR Layout.
  2. Basic Theatre Workshop – Another workshop for those who love acting and enjoy their share of spotlight, this one is created for people who are a little shy or unsure about how they can go about making their dreams of acting beautifully and fearlessly on stage. Participate in the many activities that are organised during this workshop and be thrilled to learn how to master a passionate hobby. The workshop will be conducted at Uma Theatre on Nov 12th, and the cost for it is INR 4,500.
  3. ACT International Workshop Residency in Bangalore – Described as a “transformational physical theatre and music workshop”, this is where you can learn the ways in which you can learn theatre and voice techniques from a renowned person using the core principles of Actor – Chorus – Text. Be a part of this 7-day workshop that will be carried out at Infinite Souls Farm and Artists Retreat in Central Bangalore. The cost of this intensive workshop aimed at improving a person’s theatre skills depends on the kind of training you wish to receive and begins on Nov 19th.
  4. Mosaic Art Workshop – The art of putting together several random, small items to create a big, spectacular object is an interesting and convenient hobby. Collecting things that interest or attract you, such pieces of glass, paper, beads, stones, etc. and putting them together to form a show piece or a small useful object is surely fascinating, isn’t it? The workshop will be held on 19th Nov at Art Blend Cafe in South Bangalore, and the cost is INR 1,000.
  5. Monoprinting Workshop with Priyanka – Printmaking in which lines and images can be etched only once is known as monoprinting. This unique hobby is indeed difficult to learn without formal guidance, and those interested in it should not miss this opportunity of attending this workshop. Taking place on Dec 19th at Bloom & Grow Centre located in South Bangalore, the cost of this workshop is INR 1,200.

With so many changes taking place all over the world in different fields, it comes as no surprise that there have been changes in terms of fulfilling our heart’s desires. Make the most of them!

cheapest trading account

How to open up a trading account for trading purpose in the stock market?

If the desire is to trade in the Indian stock market, then it is compulsory for the aspiring investor to have a valid stock trading account as well as DP account. The trading account is known to act as a medium that is necessary for trading at the local stock market, via brokers who sell or buy orders from their clients and deposit stocks in their DP account.

cheapest trading account

When trading, the investor is free to make his choice to use an offline trading account or an online one. These days, people in huge numbers before the online type since it allows them with greater access to the stocks and also is easy to be operated from the desktop, laptop or the latest mobile phones like the smartphone and tablets. It would be useful to choose the cheapest trading account that is offered with a top rated online trading platform.

Steps to be taken

The in initial step which is to be taken for availing online trading account is to get registered with any reputed online trading portal. Contacting an experienced and registered broker can also help to open up the trading account without any hassle. Most of the brokers charge nominal fee against the services rendered by them. For maintenance of the account, the stock broker is to be paid a small amount annually. But it would be crucial to select the best and most appropriate service provider who can strategically offer the best services, without actually charging a fortune.

Some tips to follow for selecting the best broker for stock trading

  • Broker’s reputation: The very first thing that is to be checked out when comparing the different broking companies in the market is their reputation and overall performance. This can be achieved by going through the reviews that are put up by the present clients and that of articles and reports put about the company’s performance in the leading financial magazines, newspapers and the web. Their track record is a must to be verified before making the selection.
  • Standard of service offered: The kind of service that is offered by the brokerage company is of immense importance. The different facilities offered by them would be generally mentioned in their official site. For further clarifications and getting the doubts cleared, it would be better to call up the professionals in person. Also, the expertise of the company staff is to be checked. Also, is to be known if the company has been offering mutual fund investment, IPO investment, derivative trading, etc.
  • Security: Trading tends to involve using the banking details and other crucial financial information. Hence, it would be necessary to ensure that the selected brokerage company has in place all types of security measures to protect the client details and their investments, which may otherwise could fall victim to scams and frauds.

The right broking company selected for the purpose of carrying out stock trading in the Indian stock market is sure to give the person peace of mind and satisfaction from the investments.