cropped view of man in car dealership giving car keys to client

Benefits and Reasons to Hire a Car from a Rental Company

cropped view of man in car dealership giving car keys to client
cropped view of man in car dealership giving car keys to client

These days, you can get everything on a rental bases easily and rent a car is one of a great examples. Going on a trip will certainly become a necessity to hire a car for travelling from authentic rental stores. Hiring a car is simply convenient in many ways and also, it becomes a reason to hire for those who don’t own one, so they definitely need one on any purposeful occasion.

Getting a rental car is not at all a hectic thing as there are many companies dealing in rental car business and exotic car rental Los Angeles is one of the examples from where you can hire any type of car. You can book luxury cars as well for some special occasions, in order to get a great experience of riding luxurious cars like Lamborghini and other elite cars.

There are various benefits and reasons for hiring a car from any rental store or online companies dealing in the rental cars:

  1. Availability:

The benefit to rent a car is its availability whenever you required especially in case of urgency or emergency. Although, hiring on immediate basis will definitely be expensive. Hence, booking it in advance is quite better and more beneficial as you can get more variety and options in types of cars available as well as prices will be much lesser and cheaper.

2. Accessibility while travelling:

With so many options available on websites to rent a car, it is easy to access and book a car for rent from anywhere and at any time. If you are travelling on a business trip or personal, you probably require one car on rent to travel from one place to another and in such condition easy accessibility will be much beneficial at that time.

3. Comfortable means of transport while travelling out of town:

Renting a car is definitely a comfortable and convenient means when travelling on vacation. You can enjoy easily as you don’t have to rely on public transport like trains or buses. You can take your time on which ever spot you like by stopping the car anywhere you want to. When you travel in your own car, you can enjoy and explore every single destination.

4. Beneficial for photography lovers:

Rent a car and travel around if you are a photography lover. You can go to any place of the country and get great pictures as you can simply stop at any point of time and place.

5. Time saving:

Renting a car is beneficial in saving time too. Travelling by car will definitely take much less time than the public transport.


These are some of the benefits which you get while renting a car. It is always comfortable and safe to travel in a car. With the help of advanced technology, many companies have their applications for android and ios users, which you can download easily and book a car as per your needs.


VW Ameo makes to top 5 Sedan for July

Volkswagen has recently launched the sub four-meter sedan Ameo and this is among the best launches to happen. It is a super stylish sedan sold for a great value priced between Rs 5.4 to 8.6 lakhs implying that it is more reasonable than even Polo. The demand for Ameo is enormous considering the fact that it has been just over two months since launch. In July it has among the top five sellers in the compact sedan market.


In 2016 July Volkswagen recorded a 6.75% gain in India and the main profit contributor is Ameo. The company sold 2,200 units of the car, now with the huge demand and sale turnover, Ameo is a fierce threat to its competition, and its arch rivals are Hyundai Xcent, Tata Zest, Ford Figo Aspire, Honda Amaze and Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire. At the moment only the petrol Ameo model is on sale and soon there is going to be a diesel car on offer.

Within just a short period post launch Ameo is among the top five bestselling sedans in July, with 2,200 units. Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire is a top selling car with 19229 units, and the other good selling compact sedan cars during this month are Hyundai Xcent with 4585 units and Honda Amaze with 2309 units. Ameo has generated greater profits than Tata Zest with 1927 units and Ford Figo Aspire with 748 units.

Ameo is the top-selling car within the stable of Volkswagen and the next biggest seller is Polo with 1047 units. The company sold 947 units of Vento, 98 units of Jetta and 9 units of Beetle, Ameo has generated impressive sales in just few months’ post launch, and this is a highly desired car. Let us browse through the interesting features and pluck out the reasons that makes the Ameo desirable.



Ameo is engineered on an advanced PQ25 platform and this is the same platform as Polo. View the front portion of the vehicle and you will notice a professional design architecture contributed by re-designed bumper and horizontal fog lights. On the rear too you will notice distinct features compared to Polo visible on bumper and new tail lights. The car on the whole has a professional design and the feature that enhances the sophistication value of the vehicle is a neat character line that starts from headlights and merges on to tail lights. There are also supportive lines that blend in with wheel arches.

The top-end Highlight variant has alloy wheels, outer rear view mirrors and body-colored bumpers. In order to withstand extreme weather conditions, the car has trendy fog lights in front and rear defogger. All variants have heat-insulating glass windshield and halogen headlights covered in a neat black shade.


The interior of Ameo is grand, covered in a stunning beige and black décor, the top-end Highline model has a plush center console decorated in a neat aluminum finish, leather covered gear knob, posh leather covered steering wheel decorated with piano black material. The layout of the dashboard is amazing and it engineered with top quality material and an important point to remember is it is scratch resistant.


Ameo runs on a powerful MPI 1.2-liter engine linked to five-speed manual transmission, and this engine is present in all three variants, Highline, Comfortline and Trendline. The diesel car is built with a robust TDI 1.5-liter engine and it is connected to five-speed manual transmission. There is another 1.5-liter TDI diesel power-train and this is linked to seven-speed DSG transmission and this is offered only in Highline and Comfortline models. The engine power of Ameo is top-class with minimal room for noise vibration and harshness levels and driving the car is a great experience.


The mileage offered by Ameo petrol is 15kmpl on ideal city conditions and on highways it is 18kmpl. The fuel-efficiency of the diesel car is 18kmpl on city roads and on highways it gives 22kmpl. Overall the ARAI certified mileage figures of petrol car are 17.83kmpl and the diesel model gives 24.5kmpl.

Braking and safety:

Volkswagen has ensured to engineer Ameo with adequate safety feature to ensure maximum occupant protection. In all variants there are dual front airbags and ABS and these are standard features. The Highline and Comfortline models have front fog lights and hill hold control, and all variants have back fog lights. The most loaded Highline car has auto-dimming interior rear view mirror, front fog lamps with static cornering lights and rear defogger. The front disc brakes induce additional power into the car to handle tough roads effectively.

Performance and Handling:

The handline capacity of Ameo is smooth, and it can withstand tough roads and wet lanes, the ABS gives the car additional thrust with respect to acquiring good balance on straight roads and highways, and the handling and performance is further improved with the aid of telescopic and tilt kind of power steering.


Ameo is sold in vibrant and youthful shades of reflex silver, carbon steel, night blue, copper orange, flash red and candy.

Volkswagen has generated so much fortunes with Ameo compact sedan alone, it is a sub-compact sedan built on Polo platform and sold at a reasonable value. The car looks classy from any angle, and the interiors are grand with top-quality material. The car scores well on the safety and handling front and it moves on a robust engine as well.

Ameo is perfect for people who enjoy a combination of luxury, sophistication and youthfulness, and now it has been just few months’ post launch, and in the near future it is likely to be a game changer. For those who are keen on buying this car, it is a great model to buy and you will simply feel good driving it and you can take the car on a spin irrespective of road conditions. The car has overshadowed the popularity of Tata Zest and Ford Figo Aspire. This is among the best compact sedans to own.


Tips And Tricks That Will Keep Your Honda In Best Running Condition


To keep your vehicle in the same and best running condition, it is important to take the best care of it. Honda cars are the most loved and durable cars in the world. Regular maintenance and checkup activities will enhance its life.

In this article, we will look at useful tips that will keep your vehicle in the best condition.

Taking care of brakes

Brakes, brake pads and brake rotors are important parts of a car. Proper maintenance of each of them is very necessary. If you notice any metallic screeching sound while applying the brake, then it shows that they require replacement. Sometimes the fluid level in the brakes is low. This can lead to damage in them. Thus regularly check the fluid and ensure that it is in right amounts.

As the brake fluid is hygroscopic in nature, it can absorb moisture. This moisture when goes inside the brake can harm the metal and seals by corroding them. It is thus required that you flush your existing fluid and replace it with new fluid. This will help in eliminating condensation prior to the occurrence of extensive damage. On link you will find easy to read, informative manuals in PDF format.

Car Fuel

Fuel is one of the essential elements that come when driving a car. For running Honda cars efficiently and smoothly it is recommended to buy high volume gasoline from branded stations. It has been seen that sometimes deposits get build up inside the engine and fuel system. Thus to prevent this issue, you need to select fuels that have effective detergent additives.

Depending on the season, you may get winter or summer blended fuel. This helps in preventing issues related to cold or hot start. Choose winter fuels with higher volatility to compensate the impact of cold dense air. Go for summer fuels with the lower volatility that makes them less susceptible to percolate.

Service manuals available on Repairloader are very detailed and concise. Their step by step instructions helps in taking efficient repair and service of a wide range of vehicles such as Hondas, Yamaha, Suzuki, Toyota, Polaris, Harley, etc.

Tips and precautions to follow when refueling your Honda vehicle

  • Do not light any matches or indulge in smoking near your vehicle.
  • When refueling your car, it is advisable to come out of the car for the period the procedure is being done. This is essential to prevent any activity resulting in a static build-up of electricity and its discharge.
  • Securely tighten the gas cap after refueling it otherwise it can illuminate the malfunction indicator light present on the instrument panel.

Honda manuals for instant download are made to be keyword searchable that helps in quick and easy access to required information.

There are different parts in the car that require adequate attention and care. Auto maintenance companies offer brilliant maintenance and service support to the vehicle owners. For smooth running of your vehicle for many years, start implementing these tips from today!!

tourist bus traveling down a major highway

The best way to Arrange a Rental Bus Support and Display An Effective Coach Trip

A coach trip does not only occur by itself: It needs lots of preparation and business to ensure itineraries operate easily and all members have a satisfying experience. In case you have been tasked with planning a trip, you will have to establish travel times, program an itinerary, distribute invites, and reserve a charter bus support.

tourist bus traveling down a major highway

Below are a few suggestions for organizing an effective coach trip:

Deliver invites. Deliver invites to team people, for example, excursion day, length, time of departure plus get back period, cost-per head, so when the payment is made. Request the team to RSVP with a day that is a minimum of four to five times ahead of the exact date your final headcount is as a result of coach organization, this lets you easily handle any lastminute changes in amounts.

Select a date and location. Select a date and location for the coach excursion. Afterward, make calls to reserve lodging or actions in the location. In the event your team is going to be seeing theme parks or galleries, contact the site to organize discounted team entry fees.

Welcome your team. To the evening of the trip, get to least half an hour prior to the planned starting moment to present you to ultimately the rental bus support driver and welcome members of the team as they occur.

Reserve a charter coach support. Call numerous reliable rental coach solutions and obtain a quote. Learn the type of busses they provide. Just how a lot of people do they maintain? Are they airconditioned? Will there be a toilet on-board? Will there be a Video/DVD player? Acknowledge a timeline for supplying a final headcount, along with a cancellation insurance. Discover when the coach company might let you produce a lastminute reversal of coach in the event your numbers are bigger or smaller than expected.

Make an itinerary. Make an itinerary according to the location and potential courses. By means of assistance from the rental coach support, determine how several preventing factors is likely to be required across how you can make the trip comfy and exactly what actions can be found across the path. Estimation a per person price for the trip according to coach charges, entry costs and any incidentals.

Handle bookings. Retain a spreadsheet record all bookings, details and whether cash was compensated. E-Mail the travel plan to team associates as they enroll.

Prepare onboard stuff. Choose some DVDs that can offer amusement to the team all through journey and be sure to are in possession of an initial support package (that your hire coach company might supply) and some other onboard stuff.

Support the hire coach. Support the tasks at your location along with the hire coach support three to five days prior to the excursion.

By abiding by these easy measures, you are going to have the capacity to efficiently make and do a bus excursion that works easily on your team associates. As you go along, convey sights and consistently provide proper guide directions to the team, in other words, when and at the place where they must fulfill after every stop. Eventually, remain calm, curl up, and enjoy the trip.


Mahindra KUV100: The Next Big Thing from Auto


Mahindra KUV 100 stands for?

Mahindra KUV 100, is a six seat classy young SUV, as claimed by the Mahindra and Mahindra. The KUV 100 will be launched during the festive day of 15 Th January 2016. The KUV 100 will house a world class low weight m-falcon engine system and boasts its progressive external appearance. The Mahindra SUV looks modern as well retains its classic Indian touch and it can be very well related to its siblings. Mahindra had given birth to a next generation KUV, with good parameters and manual transmission system for all its seven variants. The provision of dual airbags and ABS for its base, middle, high and the top notch models is noteworthy within its economic price range.

Exterior offering

The next generation KUV, looks aggressive and taller when compared to its previous launch.  Mahindra KUV100 retains its boxy front appearance and enhances its aggression with the presence of a modified front grille that is fixed inside a honey combed outer shell. The wrap around head lights and the fog lamps increases the aesthetic look of the car. Even though the external grille gives a poising look, the ruggedness is added only by the lower edgy bumper and the masculine tail gate. The presence of curvy side profile is supplemented by the alloy wheels and the exterior designing adds feather in the cap for the Mahindra’s think- tankers.

Interior offering

The interior design is driver centric with all the controls and the meters are accessible by the driver. The upholstery is piano shaped with the presence of gear knobs in the front dashboard, replaced from the floor for providing a good leg room for the co-passengers. The seats are clubbed to give a bench-alike appearance and the second row seats are foldable for an easy access. The central console houses the Bluetooth, music system and the other smart applications. The pull type hand break is the only exception in this baby SUV and the interior quality and the finish gives us a TUV 300 impression in one word.

Engine and Safety system

The Mahindra KUV 100 is operated by “falcon” aluminum-block engines, which includes a 1.2-liter three cylinder petrol (m Falcon G80) and 1.2-liter three-cylinder diesel (m Falcon D75) engine systems. The petrol unit gives an output of 82 bhp and 114 Nm torque. The diesel engine produces an output of 77 bhp and 190 Nm torque. The presence of Anti-lock braking system and a dual airbag for all its trims enhances the safety of the car. Mahindra KUV 100 is expected to rule the market with its progressive thinking and practically usable features at an affordable price range of Rs. 5-7 lakhs.

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