How to write a compelling thesis introduction in 5 easy steps


Any thesis must have an introduction. And a good one for that matter. Why so? Apart from being a standard requirement, any writing whether it is an essay or article needs to have an introduction. This is meant to grab the attention of the readers as soon as they start reading your writing. Without a compelling introduction, it is unlikely to get your readers hooked let alone want to continue reading the piece.

If you want your thesis to stand out to readers, you need to start with a strong introduction. Here are 5 easy steps to help you do it.

  1. Don’t ignore the preparation process

The preparation process for any writing takes the most time than the actual writing. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned writer or it is your fist time, you need to undergo the prewriting process to ensure that your writing presents a logical flow ideas that are reasonable, substantial and that the format and structure are well presented.

Well, pre-writing begins with research. Actually, it’s all about extensive research. In simple terms, you need to conduct a thorough and proper research on possible ideas. After you have done enough research, come up with the general thesis, outline, and then the drafts.

As you continue reading below, you will realize that youcannot write an introduction without a thesis nor can you write it without knowing where your reportwill go after your thesis. What should you do then? Let the introduction be the last thing you write.

  1. Your thesis is the backbone of your writing

Well, simplyput the introductory part of your thesis is meant to introduce the thesis itself. Therefore, as you work on the paper, ensure that your entire introduction builds up to your thesis.

Moreover, irrespective of what your thesis is, the introduction must present a problem and then the thesis should solve it. Thisis explained below.

  1. Present a problem and then solve it with your thesis

For instance, if you are writing about something that you have invented and want to sell, your thesis should then explain why your invention is better that the already existing ones. Your introduction, on the other hand, should begin by stating that there is a problem with the existing inventions.

So your first sentence should present the problem while the next few sentences should guide the reader in solving the problem.

  1. Give your readers a reason to read the rest of the report

Now, some writing philosophies state that you tell the readers what your report is about before you get to the thesis. But well, I don’t find this interesting. Why not give the thesis and then tell them more about the report?

Using the new invention example again, after stating the thesis, you could go on to tell the reader how you will prove that your invention is the best in a second introductory paragraph.

In conclusion,

A well-written introduction will propel your reader into the rest of your thesis paper.  No matter how relevant the information in your paperis, it won’t matter very much if no one reads it!  So do your writing a favor:  follow the given steps above and write a clear, compelling introduction toyour thesis.

If you experience any problems with writing an introduction for your thesis or any other problems in the process of writing the paper, don’t hesitate to seek thesis helpers online to help you write the paper.