How to Make Your Corporate Party a Grand Success?

Corporate parties have become a very common feature in the world of business. You can see a company holds at least a dozen of parties every year. They are the mode of keeping your workers, customers and prospective clients happy while you also try to gain some new business deals at the same time. Corporate parties may not be as fun as a wedding party, but nothing should be ignored when you are planning a corporate event. Right from the venue to the food, everything should stink of business.


Here are some handy tips for the people who have to plan a corporate party –

Plan – Before you begin anything, you must have a solid plan about your party. How many people are attending the party, who are the VIPs in the list, what will be served for lunch or dinner, will you have drinks served and what’s your budget for all this? These are some of the questions that you need to find answers in order to plan a party. Planning ahead will give you loads of time if at all there are any issues. Be very strategic and make sure the theme is just business-driving party.

Date – Find a date that is convenient for your all your clients, and prospective ones too. It is advised that you host the party on a slow day preferably a holiday. This way there will be full attendance to your event and you can add to the revenue in a slow sales period. It is better to avoid the event in the busy months of year end and beginning. Also decide whether it will be a day event or a night event.

Venue – The venue plays a very important role in a business party. It has to be a formal place and should have good lighting. The seating arrangements should be impeccable and so should the hall. There should also be facilities for slides presentations and video presentations. The lighting should be easy to operate to make the hall dark when the presentations are on. You can find corporate party hotels in Jaipur.

Invites – Once you have short listed your guests, you can send out the invites. Make sure the invites are simple and elegant. Send out the invites at least a month before the d-day. It will be convenient for your guests to save the date and cancel any other programs.

Publicity – It is not enough if you just send out the invites. You must advertise the event on the social media and networking sites. Tag and share information about the party. The promotion will surely catch the attention of many people.

Food – Decide if you will serve food and drinks in your party. Find the best caterers even though it may cost you a bit more. It is no use to hire a cheap caterer whose food your guests will not even try.

After the event make sure to follow up and collect feedbacks. Hire the best company party planners in Jaipur to make your corporate party a success.



Events to look out for in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city that has always encouraged arts and crafts. The city is full of art galleries, theatres and workshops. People love to learn new arts and crafts that can beautify their homes, gardens as well as their souls. When you are in Bangalore, there will be no shortage of places to go and events to participate in. Each evening brings with it the exciting new events that are attended by hundreds of interested men and women.

Let us look into what has Bangalore got to offer this week for the art lovers?


Nauras Fashion Week – with Ramesh Dembla and Faheem

Fashion designers, brands and boutiques, pay attention. An excellent opportunity for the designers to meet the press, customers and wholesale buyers! This is going to be a four day event on the global scale. There will be stalls by well known fashion brands, boutiques as well as individual designers. People can go through the unique collection of clothes and have a wonderful time. The grand finale on the fourth day will see Bangalore’s own designer Ramesh Dembla’s collection on the runway, fashion choreographed by Faheem. There will also be other designers such as Mable Thomas and Riyaz Pasha.

Date – Thursday, 14 July 2016

Time – 11:00am

Address – Whitefield Banquets, East Bangalore 

If you love fashion, then you have just got to be here!

Picturing Imagination

Picturing Imagination is a one of its kind art exhibition organised by Art Sparks. This event is held in collaboration with Thalam. It is a very exciting place to be in, if you love art and crafts. It is a wonderful experience especially if you have kids who are going to have the maximum fun with art work like crafts, painting and drawing.

Date – Saturday, 16 July 2016

Time – 11:00am

Address – Thalam, Level 2, 80, Patel Rama Reddy Road

 International Trans Arts Festival – 2016

It is one of the unique art festivals held for three days in the national gallery of modern art. The international event is all about celebrating the transgender. It gives a comprehensive exposure of all the great contributions made by the transgender community to the field of art and culture. The different aspects of art include music, drama, poetry, fine arts, dance, spoken poetry, painting and so on. The respect and exposure that the transgender deserves has been long due. This festival is going to give them the credit that they deserve.

There is also going to be a screening of the national award winning movie Naanu Avanalla…Avalu, which is a movie based on transgender. It is a Kannada movie directed by B. S. Lingadevaru. It is based on an autobiography, I am Vidya.

Date – Friday, 29 July 2016

Time – 3:00pm

Address – National Gallery of Modern Art, 49 Palace Road.

If you love art and culture, this will certainly be a unique experience.

These are the events in Bangalore today and rest of the week. Enjoy your weekends!

cheapest trading account

How to open up a trading account for trading purpose in the stock market?

If the desire is to trade in the Indian stock market, then it is compulsory for the aspiring investor to have a valid stock trading account as well as DP account. The trading account is known to act as a medium that is necessary for trading at the local stock market, via brokers who sell or buy orders from their clients and deposit stocks in their DP account.

cheapest trading account

When trading, the investor is free to make his choice to use an offline trading account or an online one. These days, people in huge numbers before the online type since it allows them with greater access to the stocks and also is easy to be operated from the desktop, laptop or the latest mobile phones like the smartphone and tablets. It would be useful to choose the cheapest trading account that is offered with a top rated online trading platform.

Steps to be taken

The in initial step which is to be taken for availing online trading account is to get registered with any reputed online trading portal. Contacting an experienced and registered broker can also help to open up the trading account without any hassle. Most of the brokers charge nominal fee against the services rendered by them. For maintenance of the account, the stock broker is to be paid a small amount annually. But it would be crucial to select the best and most appropriate service provider who can strategically offer the best services, without actually charging a fortune.

Some tips to follow for selecting the best broker for stock trading

  • Broker’s reputation: The very first thing that is to be checked out when comparing the different broking companies in the market is their reputation and overall performance. This can be achieved by going through the reviews that are put up by the present clients and that of articles and reports put about the company’s performance in the leading financial magazines, newspapers and the web. Their track record is a must to be verified before making the selection.
  • Standard of service offered: The kind of service that is offered by the brokerage company is of immense importance. The different facilities offered by them would be generally mentioned in their official site. For further clarifications and getting the doubts cleared, it would be better to call up the professionals in person. Also, the expertise of the company staff is to be checked. Also, is to be known if the company has been offering mutual fund investment, IPO investment, derivative trading, etc.
  • Security: Trading tends to involve using the banking details and other crucial financial information. Hence, it would be necessary to ensure that the selected brokerage company has in place all types of security measures to protect the client details and their investments, which may otherwise could fall victim to scams and frauds.

The right broking company selected for the purpose of carrying out stock trading in the Indian stock market is sure to give the person peace of mind and satisfaction from the investments.